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    The SPIN News is an eight-page newsletter that is mailed quarterly to families of children in Hawaii who receive early intervention or special education services, and to any interested individual. Articles focus on upcoming conferences and events, best practice information, changes to special education law and procedures and updates on programs of interest to families.

    At the beginning of each school year, SPIN also publishes a four-page Special Edition to give readers a sampling of what they might receive throughout the year. This Special Edition is distributed to every public school (including charter schools) so that families may have the opportunity to subscribe to regular FREE issues throughout the school year.

    Here are the newsletters for the current SY 14-15.

    • Special Edition 2014 Issue (PDF Version)(Word Version)
    • September 2014 Issue (PDF Version)(Word Version
    • December 2014 Issue (PDF Version)(Word Version)
    • February 2015 Issue (PDF Version)(Word Version)
    • May/June 2015 Issue (PDF Version)(Word Version)

    We also have a number of past issues in our archives. Click on the following: